Build, share and sell your content as NFTs. No coding required. Absolutely free.
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Take your viewers on a journey
Trails are dynamic content tours that navigate viewers through a series of curated and original sources (websites, documents, images, videos, audio, and more) with commentaries and mark-ups included along the way.
Own your
content and
its value.
Unlike other platforms with ad-based revenue models, Campground empowers creators to mint and sell their content as "Content-backed NFTs"—and we barely even take a cut.

*subject to terms of individual transaction
revenue shared
with creator*
revenue shared
with creator*
revenue shared with creator
revenue shared
with creator*
revenue shared
with creator*
Trails can become NFTs
Curate and create

Build Trails in any category, style and duration you like—simply share a story you think others will value.

Mint and sell

You can optionally mint your Trails as NFT access tokens to its content and community, issued for sale to the public in "Initial Trail Offerings" (ITOs). You set the total quantity and price per token... Trails have market caps.

Continuously earn

After a successful ITO your Trail access NFTs trade freely in our Trail marketplace. As the original creator, you earn royalty income every time your Trails trade.

Trail NFTs unlock communities
Trail NFTs don't only provide access to its underlying content, but also unlock audio spaces where creators and their communities can hang out and interact.
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Our Roadmap
Backed by leaders
Emoji Protocol
EMOJI token is the native token of Campground. It’s designed as an underlying Web3 protocol to reward social reactions, index by emotion, and validate content for quality via crowd consensus with advanced prediction market dynamics.

EMOJI is not only core to Campground, but the foundation on which the decentralized creator economy and its content will be built.

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